WMS Parent/Student Laptop Orientation

Here they are..thanks for checking back!

There are 4 main things required for students to get their laptop:

  • Watch the orientation video presentation (about 22 minutes long) with a parent/guardian (#1 below).
  • Take and pass the online assessment ( #2 below)  with a score of at least 17 points out of 20 (may be taken multiple times).
  • Read over the paperwork and forms with a parent/guardian and complete the response form ( #3 below or paper copies mailed home).
  • Return the completed single page response sheet (front AND back) to the WMS office ( #3 and #4 below or paper copy mailed home).

1. Orientation video for students and parents guardians to watch together…

2.  Online assessment for students to complete (Westside Google Login Required)…

PLEASE NOTE:  If your web browser is already signed in to another Google account (an account other than your student’s Westside Google Account), you may get a message that “you are not authorized to take this assessment“. To remedy this you will need to sign out of the other account and then have your student sign in with their Westside Google Account.  Another option would be to use another web browser that is not signed into any Google account.

Use only this new, updated link:  Online Assessment (please read the PLEASE NOTE immediately above before clicking on the online assessment link).


3. Other Resources to look over and complete ( these were sent home in the July mailing but are made available here as well in digital form):

4.  Return the single page response form (complete front AND back) to the WMS office (with $35 if you are opting in to the Damage/Loss Cooperative Fund).