Westside.Technology Episode 9: "Duck with a D"

Westside.Technology Episode 9: “Duck with a D”

Welcome to Episode 9 of Westside.Technology Declassified!

In this episode Paul, Matt and Greg take on a Westside teacher’s questions about presentations. We start off discussing the power of story and then go on to sharing resources for obtaining copyright friendly images for use in a presentation. Sprinkled throughout are tips and tricks about Google Image search, great books for learning about story telling and a PSA about your computer and the cold!



Pics4Learning: This is a terrific website for finding images for students to use in a presentation. It has search, but better for younger students, it has the images in categories.

Google Image Search: Learn how to use Google Image search to find creative commons images. In the same tool area, you can also filter by image size to get the highest quality images you can.

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