Upcoming Technology Trainings


8/29: @WHS Blackboard Teacher Tools1/18: Computer Science in the Classroom
9/21: Getting Started with the new Google Sites 1/25: Coding/Logic for Elementary
9/28: Intro to Keynote on the iPad2/8: Flipped Learning Tools
10/3: @WHS Hyperdocs for Personalized Learning2/22: Computational Thinking Bins
10/30: What's New with Google3/6: Informational Writing Using Comics
11/13: @WHS Keynote Ninja Pt. 13/22: Infographics for Creative Assessment
11/20: @WHS Keynote Ninja Pt. 24/10: Google Drive:Make the most of your space
12/5: Apple Classroom

All training’s will be held in the Underwood Hills Training Room from 4pm-5pm unless otherwise indicated. 

Please contact Matt Lee if you are interested in having a training done in your building.

Blackboard Teacher Tools

This session will explore some of the tools within Blackboard that allow teachers to personalize learning, increase student engagement, and boost teacher productivity .

Getting Started with the New Google Sites

With the new Google Sites building websites is easy!  Google removed many of the more complicated features previously found in Google Sites. Instead, Google Sites now delivers the simplest way to show Google Drive files in context on the web. Every page is now an easy-to-read single column of content. Every page works well on a desktop, tablet, or phone, and if you can drag and drop you can build a Google Site!

Intro. to Keynote on the iPad

Did you know you can do almost anything on the iPad version of Keynote that you can do on the Mac? Come learn how to utilize Keynote on the iPad to allow students to create rich presentations, explore relationships between objects, create art projects and posters. Bring your iPad and be ready to explore!

Hyperdocs for Personalized Learning

Hyperdoc is  a term used to describe an innovative lesson that contains, links, instructions and tasks to get students thinking and engaged in their learning. In this session you will have the opportunity to create one of these visually engaging digital lessons.

What’s New with Google

Google has released a number of new Tools and Features within Google Docs, Google Earth, and Google Forms. Come discover a new favorite during this session.

Keynote Ninja Skills Part 1.

Part 1 of a two part series. Come learn how to be a Keynote Ninja! In this first session, we will learn how to master the tools provided by Keynote to become a power user. We will be using the Mac version of Keynote, but most items will translate to the iPad. Topics covered will include: Working with object and shapes to create original graphics; Working with images (masking & Instant Alpha) and creating slide templates for students to use in projects.

Keynote Ninja Skills Part 2.

Part 2 of a 2 part series. You do NOT have to attend the first session, but you should be familiar with the basic concepts. We will be using the Mac version of Keynote, but most items will translate to the iPad. Topics covered in this session include: Drawing and creating art with Keynote; Using animation to enhance meaning; and creating infographics with shapes.

Apple Classroom

Come and discover Apple Classroom, a powerful teaching assistant! With Classroom, you can guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track. Classroom helps teachers focus on teaching so students can focus on learning.

Computer Science in the Classroom

Computer science skills empower students to become proactive learners and creators, in this session you will discover how to incorporate computer science into your curriculum.

Coding/Logic for Elementary

Coding in the classroom is linked to improved problem solving and developed analytical skills. Come and explore some of the tools available to help kids learn to code, and empower them to become creators!

Flipped Learning Tools 

This session will explore Best Practices and Best Tools for flipping your classroom.

Computational Thinking Bins

Ever heard of Thinking Bins? These Bins are plastic boxes filled with an engineering manipulative of your choice, such as LEGO bricks, pattern blocks, Dixie cups, etc… The boxes also contain sets of task cards that inspire students to use logic and problem solving. Interested? Come to this session and learn how to make one!

Informational Writing Using Comics

Comics can be a great tool to engage reluctant readers and writers. This session will explore ways to teach writing skills using Comics as a starting point.

Infographics for Creative Assessment

Infographics are becoming one of the most commonly used methods to convey information. This session will explore some tips and tricks for using student-created infographics as a form of assessment.

Google Drive: Make the most of your space

Google Drive can be a fantastic productivity and collaboration tool, however once you start accumulating a large number of files it can be difficult to manage. This session will help you maximize on the power of Drive and have you managing it like a Pro!

To register for a training, please contact Deanna Laux via Westside Gmail


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