Tips and Tricks: Creating Keynote Template Slides for Students

Tips and Tricks: Creating Keynote Template Slides for Students

Once of the great advantages of all students having access to an iPad or MacBook is they can easily demonstrate their knowledge using Keynote. With Keynote’s power, sometimes additional guideposts are appreciated. I’m going to share two quick tips for helping to direct student projects. When you create the template, it can be used on both the iPad and on the Mac. Read on to learn how to create a Keynote template.

Locking Items

The first step in creating a Keynote template for students to use is to arrange the elements on the page. There may be elements (i.e., titles or backgrounds) which you don’t want students to modify. For these, you can add a lock that prevents it from being modified.

To lock an object, hold down the control button and click on it. You can then select ‘Lock’.

Creating Media Placeholders in Keynote

You can also help students out by creating media placeholders on slides. These place holders allow students to drag and drop their own images onto them, where they are automatically cropped and re-sized to fit. This helps focus students and reduces confusion on how many and where images should be added.

To create a place holder, first add a sample image to the slide. Make sure to size it to how you want the final image to look.

Then, click on the image and go to the Format menu->Advanced->’Define as Media Placeholder’

That’s it! Students can now drag and drop an image onto the place holder, or click/tap on the media icon and select an image.