Tech Bytes October 2015 - Integration Ideas

Tech Bytes October 2015 – Integration Ideas

Puppet Pals

Students can create their own unique puppet show using animation and audio.

Integration Ideas

  • Students can create their own characters to personalize learning
  • Record voiceovers to help with fluency skills
  • Students can retell stories or events to deepen understanding or check for comprehension
  • Students could conduct mock interview with historical figure
  • Use Characters to help foster dialogue and character analysis


Students can use PicCollage to combine images, and text into an impressive collage. This app fosters creativity and development of ideas

Integration Ideas

  • Students can add vocabulary words to pictures to show their meanings.
  • Younger students can practice labeling things.
  • Have students collage pictures & facts about a famous person in history
  • Use pic collage to teach lifecycle of a butterfly
  • Students can collage chapter math terms with examples


Students can use Haiku Deck to develop slideshow presentations. Includes a library of thousands of creative common licensed images for presentations. Also includes a graphing element friendly enough for younger students.

Integration Ideas

  • Have students write sensory poems and develop into presentation
  • Students could create an infographic
  • Younger students could create vocabulary slides to promote visual literacy
  • Have a scavenger hunt where students capture images of found items and create slideshow of findings
  • Have kids do a book summary