Tech Bytes - November 2015 INTEGRATION IDEAS

Tech Bytes – November 2015 INTEGRATION IDEAS


Students can create a digital notebook combining handwriting, photos, typing, and recorded audio

Integration Ideas

  • Science Notebooking
  • Annotate scanned pdf files
  • Independent Reading Log/Response Journal
  • Math Notebook
  • Language Arts graphic organizers
  • Running Records with Voice Recorder

Explain Everything

Students can use Explain Everything as a screen casting tool or interactive whiteboard to demonstrate understanding of a concept or idea. Students can combine images, text, shapes, and recorded audio and video.

Integration Ideas

  • Letter Sounds Treasure Hunt- Have students take photos of items in classroom with certain beginning letter sounds and create a screencast of treasure hunt.
  • Have students demonstrate and narrate a math concept to teach other students what they know. 
  • Provide a pdf of a short story, have students annotate parts
  • Students can become weather reporters and create a newscast on weather conditions using images, text and audio.


Students can use Qrafter to create and read QR codes.

Integration Ideas

  • Make Learning Stations-place qr codes around room that link to online activities, video or content
  • Use to check for answers-have students check answers to a assignment by scanning a QR code.
  • Place QR codes in classroom books linking to audio review by students. Students could also create book trailer using iMovie and turn into QR code