Teachers Try Out The Hour of Code

Last week I posted a few thoughts on how Westside might participate in the hour of code. I’m amazed at how teacher have responded! I’ve had teachers of all grade levels, Kindergarten through high school email with how they implemented the hour of code in their classroom. Below is a short roundup of what some teachers have done.

Kindergarten teacher, Dustin Carlson:


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1st grade teacher, Kerri Lewis:

The goal of our hour of code was to play around with Scratch Jr. and Cargo-Bot to see what coding is all about. First off, we discovered that Cargo-Bot is hard! I made everyone create a project on Scratch Jr. after we watched the tutorial video together. Some students wanted to try Cargo-Bot. I modeled how to use the app on my AppleTV after which they were free to try on their own. After completing the tutorials, some students loved it, others were frustrated but all gained an exposure to the types of thinking skills needed in computer science.


3rd grade teacher, Erica Riffner:

I wish I would have recorded the squeal of excitement that poured out of my class when I announced that we were participating in the “Hour of Code” challange. I gave my third graders the option to pick between coding an Angry Bird game, Flappy Bird game or coding Elsa and Anna to ice skate in a certain direction. The students quickly spread out in the room deciding if they wanted to code independently, with a partner, or in a group. Within the “hour” half the class was able to code many lines and receive a certificate. They kids favored this time so much, that I decided to take this coding challenge all week long!

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4th grade teacher Michele Madson:

My class enjoyed this so much! We started with President Obama’s video and then worked on angry birds. Some students moved on to frozen and cargo bot. These words came to mind when observing my students: engaged, challenged, proud, determined, motivated, supportive… I believe some computer science “seeds” were planted today!

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4th grade teacher Mandy Goecke


5th grade teacher Tami LaFond:


Middle School teacher Kristeen Shabram

The Computer Science Club hosted an Hour of Code Event on Monday, December 8, to kick off Computer Science Education Week. Computer Science Education Week is December 8-14 and provides EVERY student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science. Close to 45 students came together after school to learn computer programming.

Thanks to Russ for supplying the prizes for the drawings (iTunes giftcards, Scooter’s giftcards, and boxes of theater candy)

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High School teacher Sydney Kobza

For the hour of code, business teacher Sydney Kobza and her students viewed videos by technology leaders talking about the importance of coding and computer science. Her students then attempted to break apart complex web scripts in order to better understand them so that they might incorporate them into their web design projects.