'Sound' Classroom Management

‘Sound’ Classroom Management

By Alex Essen & Bryn Johnson

This is a tool that you can use with your google chrome browser. The website uses your microphone to pick up on how noisy your classroom becomes. It’s a great visual for students to self monitor their voice.

When you access the website click, “begin bouncing”.

In the upper right hand corner allow access to your microphone. Then you can change the sensitivity of your microphone and how many “balls” you want to be at the screen at one time. They have other options like eyeballs and emojis to use instead of the bouncing balls. If the class gets too loud a message will appear. You can use this in combination with incentives for not having too many noise warnings .

You can check it out here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bouncy-balls/mgipodfbfehccdmincfgjhpfbghloffk Note: This requires Google Chrome

Here are some examples of what the screen looks like and some of the messages that you can get.