Quick Hits: Websites for Educators

Quick Hits: Websites for Educators

By Jennifer Dowd

Below are a few awesome resources that really meet the needs of students in many ways.

https://curiosity.com offers unique articles and videos in all areas of interest, https://www.stopbreathethink.com/ offers customized meditation plans, and https://www.commonlit.org/ is great for short and engaging reading passages that match skills and content. Have fun exploring!


Be careful, this one will suck you in. This is a great interdisciplinary website for personalized student exploration. When students click on areas of interest, engaging articles and videos are offered for them to explore. As they dig deeper, additional connected articles and videos are shared. The possibilities of knowledge are endless.


The mission statement of  the creators of https://www.stopbreathethink.com/ is “Our mission is to help kids, teens and young adults build the emotional strength to tackle life’s ups and downs.” This is a very cool web application that offers students the opportunity to experience suggestions for mindfulness and meditation.  The easy-to-navigate site allows them to share their mental, physical, and emotional status and then customizes a meditation plan to meet their immediate needs. It is a tool that offers students accountability in finding options to deal with the many mixed emotions and changes teenagers experience.


This is an AMAZING resource that offers short interdisciplinary reading passages to match curriculum in many different ways.   The reading passages can be chosen by skill, theme, paired text, grade level, or genre. Teachers are able to download the passages or assign them to students by class.  Guided questions, assessment questions, and discussion questions are provided, as well as notes and vocabulary definitions. Translation, read aloud, and highlighting are just some of the tool bar features. Data evaluation is also an option. This site is like a dream come true for educators!

We have enabled logging in to Common Lit using Clever for K-6! Your classes will be rostered automatically, and there is no need to create student accounts. To access, use the Clever app on student iPads, or the Clever link in Self-Service on your Mac.