QR Code Basics

QR Stands for “Quick Reference” and if you haven’t been exposed to QR Codes and how they can be used in the classroom you are missing out. Technically, QR codes are a specific type of 2D barcode. QR codes are descendants of barcodes and UPC codes that are used in product labeling.

Why Use QR Codes: QR codes are a popular way to convert data like website addresses, links to video and audio clips, text, etc into a form that can be easily scanned. Once scanned with the camera on the iPad2, the information, links, etc. are available on the device until the user decides to delete the information. The scan is as quick as taking a picture.

How are teachers using QR Codes:

  • QR Code with Assignment: Teachers post a QR Code for and assignment in the front of the room that students scan. The code can contain text and links to sites, movies, audio files, etc. and the students have it all in one quick scan.
  • QR Code Answer Reveal: Students scan the corner of a flash card to reveal the answer,
  • QR Code for Knowledge: Students scan the inside flap of a book for a book review

Getting Started:


  • Download a QR Code scanning app. Some name of free apps that are QR Code readers include: i-nigma, Scan, RedLaser, NeoReader, etc.
  • You will notice that these apps looks very much like the Camera App with one exception–it has a frame bracket that you will want to use in lining up the QR code for scanning.

Creating a QR Code:

  • Go to: goqr.me
  • Here you have the option for generating a code that directs the user to text, a url (web address) and much more.
  • After you have typed in your information, the code will be automatically generated. You can now click download or open to print your code off!

Combining QR Codes with the Wiki Sites

Sample Lesson Featuring QR Codes


A special thank you to Jeff Ingraham of ESU#3 for this tutorial and sample lesson!