November Tips and Tricks: Safari Tabs

Reopen Lost Tabs

While surfing the internet in Safari, have you ever closed out of a tab accidentally? I know I have many times! Fortunately it’s easy to reopen recently closed tabs!

All you need to do is tap and hold on the ‘+’ button. A list of your recently closed tabs will appear and you can click on the site you want to go back to! This tip works on both Mac and iPad/iPhone.

Close all tabs at once

Let’s pretend that you didn’t close out of a tab too early, rather you have TOO MANY tabs open at one time on your iPad or iPhone! It you want to close out all tabs without clicking on each one, Apple has a shortcut built into Safari.

Tap and hold on the tab view icon (it looks like two rectangles on the far right of the screen). You will be presented with two options – make a new tab, or close all open tabs. Select the close option and you will now have a fresh slate to work from.