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Issue 59: Clips, FlipGrid and the 2021-22 Technology Refresh Updates Welcome to the first Technology Update of 2021! In this issue, we’ll take a look at some of the software updates you might have missed at the end of last semester, and then spend time talking about the upcoming technology refresh.

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Issue 58: Technology Update #58: Webex Tips, New Classroom Features & Tech Refresh Q&A: In this issue we review new features of Webex as well as best practices for being in meetings. We’ll also take a look at new tools to create graphics and new Google Classroom features. Lastly, we end with the latest edition of the ‘Tech Refresh Corner’.

Issue #57: Webex Updates, Streamlined Tech Help & Refresh Updates: In this issue, we take a look at what’s new with Webex and review the NEW and more STREAMLINED way to contact tech support. We end with a new feature – “Tech Refresh Corner” where we talk about frequently asked questions about the upcoming technology refresh for 2021!

Issue #56: Webex, Youtube Troubles & Flipgrid! In this issue, we take a look at new Webex features, tips & tricks, and district policies associated with video chats. We’ll then check out some troubleshooting steps for Youtube and end with a look at the great new features in FlipGrid!

Issue #55:  Welcome Back to School! 2020 promises to be an interesting year, but let’s make the most of it! Take a look at some of the ‘key tips and tricks’ to help get your year off to a great start for both in-person and extended campus learners! It’s a bit long, but well worth the read.

New Staff Essentials 2020: Welcome to Westside! This email may be a bit long, but contains everything you need to know to get started with district technology and services. The first portion applies to ALL new staff members. The second is divided into elementary focused (K-6) and secondary focused (7-12).

#54 🍎 Apple Teacher, 🤳FlipGrid, ✍️Pages and ❄️Cold Weather Reminders! In this issue we will take a look at new features available with iPadOS 13, updates to Apple Teacher and FlipGrid and we have a quick reminder about technology and cold weather!

#53: Grants, FlipGrid, Hour of Code and more! Welcome to December! This will be the last issue of 2019. I hope everyone has had a great fall semester. This issue is full of great tips and tricks ranging from virtual field trip grants, to app updates to coding resources. 

#52: Games in Education, G-Suite Tips and iPad Productivity Updates!: In this issue we are going to take a look at a new, faster way to create Google Docs and explore the many NEW features and productivity enhancements to iPadOS13! But first, we have a quick thought of the week from WHS teacher Andrew Easton!

#51: Updates, Seesaw, Flipgrid and more!: In this update, we’ll take look at software updates for Mac and iPad, talk about the new, district managed AppleID’s, and then highlight some of the great updates that apps received over the summer. Enjoy!

#50: Being More Productive with Google Gmail and Calendar: It’s Technology.Update number 50! In this issue we’ll take a look at a few new features from Google, explore resources to improve your Google skills, and we answer a question about how to integrate Gmail and Google Calendar. Enjoy!

#49: 2019 Back to School Updates 2019 : There have been many changes to the technology that you use here at Westside. We’ve been working hard to streamline your access to technology and allow you to better offer new learning opportunities to your students! Here are a few of the larger changes. We’ll dive deeper into new features and apps in future updates.

#48: 2019 New Staff Essentials: Welcome to Westside! This email may be a bit long, but contains everything you need to know to get started with district technology and services. The first portion applies to ALL new staff members. The second is divided into elementary focused (K-6) and secondary focused (7-12).

#47: Last Issue of the School Year!: Welcome to the last Technology.Update of the 2018-19 school year! As we approach summer break, here are a few things to think through.

#46: New Apple iWork Updates: This issue of the Westside.Technology Update is dedicated to highlighting several updates that will directly impact you. Pages, Keynote and Numbers received several welcome updates including a much requested Table of Contents features in Pages. Google also has been hard at work with new updates to Hangouts Meet, Gmail and Google Drive. First though, we hear from Paddock Road teacher, Matt Kock about the importance of student privacy. Enjoy!

#45: NETA Reflections: Here are a few selected reflections from those that attended NETA 2019.

#44: Phishing Attempts on the rise! In this issue: Get a checkup on your ‘Phishing Skills’, discover new online resources from Westside Technology, learn about the Adobe Education Exchange and see what’s ahead in technology trainings. Enjoy!

#43: Google Updates Galore: In this issue we’ll explore the complicated balancing act surrounding technology administration, find out about new features in Google Classroom and Google Calendar and more!

#42: macOS Mojave/iOS 12 Tips and Tricks: In this update, we’ll talk about how and why to update your Mac to macOS Mojave, help you become a NETA member and go over some of the new features of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.

#41: K-12 Adobe Spark, Cold Weather & iPad Productivity: In this update, we’ll take a look at how to keep your technology healthy and happy during cold weather, learn all about a great NEW tool from Adobe called Adobe Spark and then explore tips and tricks to be more productive on the iPad

#40: ?Turkey Day? Edition! Adobe, Seesaw, Notes and More!: In this issue we’ll answer a question about changes to control center in iOS 12, see what’s new in SeeSaw, get introduced to a new video editing application from Adobe and then take a look at the many ways you can use Apple Notes.

#39: Happy Halloween! In this Spooktacular technology update we talk about new resources from Apple on how to promote creativity for elementary students, check out two GREAT new updates to Google products on the Mac and then see how you can use technology to elicit student responses.

#38: Mac and IPad Update Policy, Clips, Keynote and more!:  Welcome to October! In this issue of the Westside.Technology Update we’ll take a quick look about new ways to use Keynote and Apple Clips and announce our new iPad and Mac upgrade policies and procedures. As a bonus, we talk about how to get Office FOR FREE on your Mac, iPad, PC or Android and how to set your delivery settings to avoid getting overwhelmed with messages from cBay or the staff lounge. Enjoy!

#37: Google Changes, Mac Templates and iPad App Updates: This issue is all about changes. It’s that time of year again when software gets updates, new features roll out and some things inevitably get taken away. Read on to find out about changing Google resources, a great Mac tip, and changes to several popular iPad apps.

#36:  Apple Classroom, Google Classroom, Gmail Updates and More!: In this issue, we’ll talk about the difference between Apple Classroom and Google Classroom, talk about the new features of Google Classroom and Gmail and then end with an update Apple Teacher recognition

#35: Back to School New Staff Essentials: Welcome to Westside! This email may be a bit long, but contains everything you need to know to get started with district technology and services.

#34: End of Year Action Steps: This will be the last Technology.Update newsletter of the 2017/18 school year. Please read though and see what the specific end of year procedures are for your particular level.

#33: Google Updates Part II: In this next to last issue of the Westside Technology.Update newsletter we go over a number of important new changes to technology. We start out with an iPad app that elementary teachers might not be familiar with and then move on to new changes with Google. Then, learn about a NEW tool available from Google as well as some change to the Google Drive webpage. Lastly, read about great examples of technology integration in both elementary and secondary classrooms! Enjoy!

#32: Google Updates, Update Your Laptop and FilpGrid: Welcome to issue 32! In this issue we take a look at a new tool you can use in your class called Flipgrid. We’ll then talk about new updates and changes that are taking place with technology, including the new Gmail, the sunsetting of and what you need to do to update your MacBook Air before the end of the school year.

#31: Life Long Learning: Just as we ask students to be life long learners, we as teachers should also seek to develop and hone our skills. This issue is here to help you out with that! You’ll see as a teacher how you can use Google extensions to make your classroom workflows run smoother and we give an update on CommonLit (K-6). You’ll also see what’s new with iWork and then dive into new resources produced by Apple. These Apple resources include a number of great posts on Apple Teacher for Mac and iPad, and several new YouTube videos to help you with getting the most out of iPad.

#30: Class Dojo, Websites, CommonLit and Tips/Tricks: Welcome to issue #30. The big 3-0! In this issue we take a look at using Class Dojo and Common Lit for elementary classrooms, explore a few iOS 11 tips and tricks and talk about the recommended ways to have students show what they know through website creation

#29: Mac Tips and Tricks, Apple Classroom, and Slides: In this issue, we’ll take a look at how to use Google Slide’s presenter mode, check out new resources on how to better use Apple Classroom, and then end with 5 tips to allow you to get more out of your Mac! Enjoy!

#28: Tips, Tricks and Showcase Technology Examples:It may be a cold week complete with ice, but this issue of the Westside Technology.Update is red hot and jam packed! We’ll start off by taking a look at how to free up space on your MacBook using Google Drive, discover tips and tricks for iPad and then take a look at great example of technology use. These examples are designed to showcase the awesome uses of technology by teachers of all grade levels. Hopefully you see something that you’ll be able to implement in YOUR classroom.

#27: Secondary Tech Updates and Elementary iPad requests: We start off with a question about how to request apps on the elementary iPads and then take a look at two classroom examples: using Google Forms in elementary and incorporating choice in Math. Lastly, check out five amazing uses of technology from WMS and WHS eMerge teachers.

#26: Flipping the Classroom: In this issue we discuss creating video to flip your classroom, learn about how to secure your Westside Google Account, discover a new resource deployed to elementary buildings and more! Enjoy!

#25: All About Your Mac: Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great winter break! In this issue of the Westside Technology.Update, we’re focusing on the Mac. Read on to hear about Ozobots, learn what happened to the Self-Service icon, and discover 5 Mac features you might not know about.

#24: Google Tips and Apple Updates to End 2017: Welcome to the last issue of 2017! Isn’t it amazing how time flies? This last issue of the semester is a bit longer than normal, but jam packed with great information. In it, we discuss highlights of the past semester, talk about changes coming to the elementary iPad and share a few Google Tips and tricks. We end with a look at my top 10 favorite apps for the iPad! Enjoy!

#23: New Resources for Blackboard, IPad and More!: Welcome to issue 23! In this, the next to last issue of the semester, we cover a variety of topics. Included are a few thoughts about the power of story telling and virtual reality, along with tutorials on iOS 11 and Blackboard. We also discuss new tools available to secondary teachers and highlight a few important tech items as the weather gets colder. Enjoy!

#22:Speed up Classroom!: Welcome to Issue 22! Below you will find information on NETA Contests and Board openings, learn tricks to speed up grading in Google Classroom and discover two tips to create Keynote templates for students.

#21:EasyBib, Google Calendar, Accessibility and More!: Happy Halloween! In this ‘spooktacular’ issue of the Westside Technology Update we take a look at a number of tricks and treats! Read on to get a preview of what’s coming to the elementary library curriculum, check out the new Google Calendar and see how the built in accessibility features of iPad can benefit ALL students.

#20: ‘Secret’ Mac Tips + More!: Welcome to the big 2-0! Westside Technology.Update is now 20 issues in! In this issue I will walk you through 5 great Mac tips that you may not have known about, answer a question over how enable trackpad mode on the iPad and let you think about how “everything we really need to know about technology we can learn in kindergarten”.

#19:Keynote, App Closing and Tab Pinning: In this issue we take a look at the role of technology in questioning, explore how to use the districts new data warehouse system, Illuminate and I share a few tips and tricks over Keynote, Chrome and iPads.

#18: Keynote and more!: In this issue we discuss how to extend the capabilities of Google Classroom, explore new applications and websites, review a few features of Keynote that you might not be aware of and more!

#17: Organization is Key: Welcome to issue 17! In this issue, we take a look at ways to stay organized on your Mac, learn about a new website you can use to help students find the web services you use and then review some of the new apps that are available to you this year on both the Mac and the iPad.

#16 What’s New @ Westside: What’s new and the same in technology for 2017-18? This issue will walk you though new features for your MacBook Air and iPad, highlight new software and services that are available and you will learn a great trick for talking to your Mac.

#15 Back to School Technology Essentials: Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! This email may be a bit long, but contains everything you need to know to get started or continue working with with district technology and services. The first portion applies to ALL staff members. The second is divided into elementary focused (K-6) and secondary focused (7-12).

#14: May 16, 2017: In this issue: In this, the last technology update email of the semester, we cover just 1 topic: the 2017 refresh! Throughout the past couple of weeks we’ve sent out many emails pertaining to specific parts of the technology refresh. With the amount of email’s that teachers have to deal with this time of year, I thought it would be nice to have everything in one spot!

#13: May 2, 2017: In this issue, lucky #13, we take a look at secondary eMerge and spend some time learning from our colleagues’s experiences at NETA 2017.

#12: April 18, 2017: In this first, post-spring break issue, we take a look at creating and sharing ePub’s on the iPad, talk about the expansion of eMerge into the middle and high school, look at how to save documents as PDFs and then how to follow along with the upcoming NETA conference using social media. Enjoy!

#11: April 4, 2017: In this issue we learn how to use Google Forms for assessing learning and hear from Matt and Paul about how technology is helping to reduce the budget gap for the district. We also take a look at how to improve your classroom presentations through storytelling, cover tips on how to project your presentation and how to add interactivity to your presentation with Google Q/A.

#10 March 21, 2017: This week we learn how to check for malware on your Mac, cover two Safari tips, take a look at Google Team Drives, and spend some time taking a look at underused apps and websites.

#9 March 7, 2017: In this issue we discuss the Apple Teacher certification program, customizing iWork, using iPads for assessment, freeing up space on your mac and using online tools to schedule meetings. If you have any topics that YOU would like to see covered, please let me (Matt) know. Your questions and ideas may be featured in a future issue!

#8: February 21, 2017: This week we focus on many Google tips and tricks, including Google Docs, Contacts and to do lists, as well as a few updates about upcoming professional learning opportunities.

#7: February 7, 2017: This week, we learn about using your phone as a Keynote remote, some new ways to ‘hack’ Google Doc’s, iPad tips and tricks and my favorite apps and services for discovering/aggregating new content.

#6: January 24, 2017: Learn from two elementary teachers about how they use Google drive to help with reading fluency, see the best ways to get tech support and read about new and underutilized apps available on your iPad and Mac.
#5: January 10, 2017: This issue is packed with everything you need to get your semester started off right. Dr. Lindgren ponders the impact of Google on questioning in the classroom and we talk about how to enable pop ups on the Mac. Also featured this week is a question about what options are available for staff to use as a learning management system, as well as a showcase of note taking apps

#4: December 27, 2016: New Year, New You! This issue is a bit more focused that previous installments. I hope you take away two main things – we have great technology trainings coming up in the new year, and that there are great tools out there to help you manage email.

#3: December 13, 2016: Episode 9 of Declassified, emoji on macOS, apps and applications for movie creation and more!

#2: November 29, 2016: Featuring accessibility tips & tricks, hour of code, and programming links.

#1: November 18, 2016 : Featuring Episode 8 of Declassified, cold weather tips and tricks, Blackboard Logins, Westside’s Tech philosophy and more!