Managed AppleID Transition

Managed AppleID Transition

MAID Updates

We have some exciting changes coming up for Westside teachers & students. Currently, many staff have an Apple ID that they created using their Westside email address. These Apple ID’s are in the format of: They are technically personal or consumer Apple ID’s that just happen to use Westside’s email address. Westside has no control over these accounts and can’t even help you get into them if you forget your password or get locked out.

Recently, Apple has introduced, and is now pushing schools to have their staff and students use Managed Apple ID’s. Managed ID’s are special ID’s created by Westside, for Westside purposes and come with several advantages: The technology staff can unlock them if you forget your password, come with extra iCloud storage space (great for freeing up space on your hard drive!) and enable collaboration with your colleagues. Many staff and all K-6 students tested out these managed Apple ID’s this school year and the feedback was extremely positive. It’s now time to deploy them district wide.

Last year, we indicated that an Apple ID was managed (i.e., was created under the control of Westside) by having the ID end in Apple now requires these ID’s to be your email address. Because of this, Westside will be ‘taking back’ the ability to use your Westside email address ( as the display/contact email for a personal / consumer Apple ID so it can be used for your managed Apple ID.

What’s the advantage of using your Westside email address as our district’s Managed Apple ID?

  • It makes it easier for students and staff to log in with their managed Apple ID – enabling collaboration, increased security and expanded online storage in iCloud.
  • It will allow us to synchronize passwords between Gmail (email), laptop, Apple ID, Adobe, Microsoft AND Clever. You will only need to remember one to access all these services/devices!
  • It provides a clear separation between a personal and a work Apple ID.
    If you have an Apple ID using your Westside email address, you will receive an email and/or an on-device notification from Apple instructing you to choose a new email address for your Apple ID. You cannot use an email address (Gmail, Yahoo, icloud) that is already tied to an existing Apple ID – either as an account or a recovery email in an Apple ID. This may mean you will need to create a new email account to assign to your Apple ID (Gmail, Yahoo,, etc.).

** Update – 9/4/19 **

Directions for Signing in with your Westside-issued Managed Apple ID

Now that the transition is complete, and all addresses are brought back under district ownership, you can begin signing in to your devices with your Westside Apple ID. This ID will be your email address and password. See the links below for step-by-step directions.

  1. STAFF – Signing in with a Westside Apple ID
  2. ELEMENTARY STUDENTS – Signing in with a Westside Apple ID on iPad
  3. SECONDARY STUDENTS – Signing in with a Westside Apple ID on Mac

FAQ: Get answers to all of your questions here!

We’ve assembled a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Take a look and if you still have questions, reach out to a member of the technology team. NOTE: You will need to be logged into your Westside Google account in order to access the link below.
Link to the FAQ.


Directions for Changing the email Address associated with your Apple ID

First, you need to change the email address associated with your AppleID ONLY IF you receive an email from Apple instructing you to do so. If you have received an email, simply follow the directions outlined there. In summary:

  1. Go to in a web browser (i.e., Safari or Chrome)
  2. Log in with your current AppleID and Password. NOTE: You may be asked to answer the security questions you answered when you created the account.
  3. Once logged in, you will see a dialogue box titled ‘Apple ID Update Required’. Here, enter a personal email address. NOTE: this can be ANY email address. For example, you can use a,,, gmail or any other email provider. However, it’s easiest if you do NOT create an new iCloud email account.
  4. Apple will send an email to that address with a confirmation code. You will be asked to enter it to prove that you own the email address.
  5. That’s it! Your Apple ID has been successfully updated and separated from your Westside email address.