Make Your Own Digital BreakoutEDU Activity

Make Your Own Digital BreakoutEDU Activity

By April Bridwell, Stacy Cramer & Alyssa Schroeder

Google forms has a variety of uses in the classroom. To access Google forms, first click the menu in Google with the nine boxes (the menu grid). Next click “More,” then click forms. You can choose what type of form you want to create at the top (blank or from a template).

The possibilities are endless from here! The following link is a guide to how to get started with Google Forms.

One idea for how to use Google Forms in the classroom:

Digital breakouts are a great way to engage students in the classroom. The general idea is similar to escape rooms – the students have to solve problems or answer questions in order to finish or “breakout” in a certain amount of time.

The following is a template for creating your own Digital breakout.

To introduce a “thematic maps” social studies unit, we created the following for students to “break out.”