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**Update 11/26/2014**

BlackBoard Decision: We listened to the feedback…

It was just last week that we announced the “sunsetting” of Blackboard as our primary online learning management system.

We are reversing that decision and are re-affirming our long-term commitment to, and support of BlackBoard as our full-featured online learning management system for our secondary grade levels.

The Vision Statement within the recently-crafted WCS Strategic Plan states:

“Westside Community Schools will relentlessly pursue innovative educational ideals and promise to personalize learning for every student. We invite the challenge of developing a community of learners who embrace a broader, richer definition of success.”

We have concluded that several BlackBoard features( e.g. timed release, adaptive release, secure assessment) can be essential tools in the realization of this vision; particularly the “…promise to personalize learning for every student…”. Blackboard can be an essential springboard toward realizing a wide variety of “…innovative educational ideals…”.

Wiki’s, Google Sites, and Google classroom will still be supported as the “quick-start” and more easily accessible components on our spectrum of online learning resources. These will be available to all district teachers and will be the recommended systems for elementary instructional use.

Please note that the licensing and support of the BlackBoard system involves a significant financial commitment on the part of the district. We would hope that secondary teachers will renew THEIR commitment to exploring and utilizing the toolset provided by the BlackBoard platform. We also hope that seasoned BlackBoard users will commit themselves to encouraging, guiding, and challenging colleagues to make use of what the system offers.

Paul Lindgren and Matt Lee



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