Leadership and Support

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The Who’s Who in Westside’s Technology Department

Dr. Paul Lindgren(District Director of Technology)


District Integration and Blackboard

Technology integration works with teachers and staff to better utilize technology in the classroom. They also are in charge of Blackboard and many of the services that teachers use (Pearson SuccessNet, Google Sites, Google Classroom, AppleID’s, etc).  

  • Matt Lee (Coordinator of Digital Content and Technology Integration)
    • Bridget Brown (Integration Specialists)
    • Erik Clark (Webmaster and Blackboard Admin)

Elementary Support

Elementary support handles all hardware and software issues related to the district’s 10 elementary schools. This includes iPad setup, elementary email accounts, phones, networking etc.

  • Kim Nielsen (District Network Admin and Supervisor of Elementary Technology Support)
    • Tyler Kozisek (Prairie, Rockbrook, Oakdale, Westgate, Paddock)
    • Emerson Towey (Hillside, Westbrook, Swanson, Loveland, Sunset)

Secondary Buildings

Secondary support is in charge of all aspects of technology at WMS and WHS. This includes setup and maintenance of teacher and student laptops, web filters, servers and more.

  • WHS
    • Michael Sanchez
      • Nelson Perazza
      • Travis Vo
  • WMS
    • Mitch Scheffler
      • Ben Frazier