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iPad Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Tap 'No, I'm not interested' with your finger not your mouse.
With the current version of iPad OS you can't record the screen multiple times. Airplay counts as recording based on how the system is set up. So if you are recording you can't also airplay or share via Webex. A feature request update has been submitted to Apple regarding this.
This is a known bug Apple is working on. Workaround is to force quit the app by swiping up to enter the app switch grid(aka the view of all your open apps) then swipe up to close out of the impacted apps. Relaunch the app and keyboard will now reset.
Open the pdf on the iPad, click the three dots top right corner, hit print, long press on the page you want to print, or click 'Range,' and select pages to print.
Go here to guide you through transfering your bookmarks:
Use Safari to edit Google Sites on the iPad
Use the built in screen recorder:
The hints will show at the top if you click into the square, hovering does not work.
Use the Foss ebook app, students will login with username/password assigned in Student Manager within FossWeb.
Videos work best when downloaded locally to device or uploading and playing from Youtube.
Although you can access YouTube videos from both in Safari and from the YouTube app, you will get the best playback quality using the mobile app.
When you share content during a Webex meeting make sure to select the option ‘Optimize for Motion and Video,’ then check ‘share computer audio.
It’s related to auto-capitalization. You can turn it off when you have a hardware keyboard attached by going into Settings-General-Keyboards-turn off Auto-Capitalization
Slide with the Apple Pencil from bottom left corner diagonal up to the middle, or click the power button plus volume up.