Google Forms: More Than Just a Survey

Google Forms: More Than Just a Survey

Created by Caleb Nabower, Matt Kock and Justin Presler

Using google forms in the classroom has and will continue to change the way I teach. The possibilities are endless and we have only scratched the surface on different ways to use them.

Google Forms lets you create a survey with many different kinds of questions. You have the ability to choose short answer, long answer, multiple choice, checkboxes, a drop down menu, and many more.

The primary way I use Google Forms in my classroom is multiple choice formative assessments. The Quizzes option in Google Forms will grade your multiple choice questions immediately giving you instant results on student performance. Forms also gives the ability to respond and give feedback to student’s answers. The ability to see instantly how well your students are doing on a topic or concept and getting instant feedback allows for more in the moment help. Students also enjoy getting feedback right away, Google Forms gives the option of allowing students to see their results immediately or sending the feedback at a later time.

Other ways I have used Google Forms are for a Restroom Sign Out sheet, Formative Assessments, and Reading Test Prep. Use the templates to create your own.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial. You can download a PDF for reference here.