Getting Started with iOS 11

Getting Started with iOS 11

Getting Started with iOS 11

You may have noticed your iPad looks different after the update to iOS 11. Apple’s new iPad operating system has been updated to introduce new workflows which add new abilities to your device. With iOS 11, the iPad becomes a device that can replace a traditional computer.

What’s changed?

1- The Dock

For an introduction to the dock, check out this short clip from Apple:

You’ll notice that the dock allows for multitasking on the iPad. Swipe up to view your key apps and quickly switch to them! The dock is accessible from ANY screen on the iPad.

2- Multitasking and Drag and Drop

Finally! You can do more that one thing at at time on an iPad! With multitasking and drag and drop you can pick multiple apps to run at the same time. You can also drag content from one app into another. Have an image that you want to add to a Pages document? Just drag it over from Photos or Safari! Check out this video for a quick overview and then hit up Apple’s multitasking page for specifics.

3- New Gestures

More than pinch to zoom, iOS 11 adds new ways to use your hands. Interact with images, access the doc, select multiple apps at one time and return to the home screen – all without hitting a button!

4- The Files App

Tired of not being able to find where you saved that document? Wish you could have one central place for all your iCloud AND Google Drive documents? iOS 11 has an answer – it’s the Files app! Your students will need to be signed in with their new, managed AppleID to take advantage of the app. (See: directions on how to set up a Managed AppleID.)

Interested in the Files app? Check out this video below:

I want to dig deeper. Do you have any resources?

YES! To really dig into all of the new features of IOS 11, check out the links below.