Facilitating Choice in Math Through Tech without Reinventing the Wheel

Facilitating Choice in Math Through Tech without Reinventing the Wheel

By: Kristen Hogan & Katie Sindt

Choice, according to Westside Community Schools, is defined as, “Learners are given options regarding the ways in which they engage in their learning.” Choices can be presented to students in a myriad of forms evident across the four facets of classroom instruction. These facets are: content, process, product, and learning environment.

Several teachers across our district have requested additional math resources to provide both support and enrichment to a diverse population of learners. As a result of this demand, the Personalized Learning Team has started a website to house a bank of math resources and tech tools that lend themselves to differentiation within the content and process facets of classroom instruction. This is one of our current tech stations featured in the Personalized Learning 101 Training experience. Our goal is for this resource to remain fluid and continue to transform with emerging technology. With that said, if you stumble upon a resource you love or one you would like to know more about please send it our way!

To date, the following resources have been included on the website:

  • Front Row– Differentiated math instruction tool (Grades K-9): Includes an “All-About” video and directions on how to get started.
  • Pearson– Accompanies EnVision math curriculum (Grades 3-6): Includes directions on how to best utilize this curriculum-connected resource in your classroom.
  • Prodigy– Free, adaptive math game (Grades 1-5): Includes an “About” video and provides instruction on how to get started.
  • EY Math Resources(Grades K-6): A comprehensive set of enrichment tools created by Westside’s EY team.
  • Khan Academy– Personalized math resource (Grades K-12): Includes an “All-About” video and directions on how to get started with this tool.
  • MashUp Math– a math YouTube channel with a plethora of video lessons (Grades K-12): Contains an “All-About” video and direct links to their blog and instructional videos.
  • GCalc3– a digital, mathematical graphing system to create professionally formatted graphs that can be seamlessly inserted into documents and presentations (Grades 8 – 12): Includes a direct link to the site and screenshots showing what this tool can do.

If any of these resources pique your interest, and you would like more information or support with implementation in your classroom, contact us via email at personalized.learning@westside66.netto schedule a time to collaborate!