Enter eMerge.

What is eMerge? Members of the eMerge team will be teachers who have a desire to learn and a willingness to implement new instructional strategies while using technology in their classrooms. This group will help implement the district’s third strategic plan goal: “Enhancing all educational experiences by integrating new and existing technologies in a meaningful way.”

Membership in the eMerge group will be on an application basis. As part of the eMerge team, the selected teachers will work with their building to transfer their learning to others. They will be expected to open their classrooms for observation and walkthroughs, present at district professional development days and building meetings, and create resources for Area 66. Members of the eMerge team will receive two units of pay to help recognize their commitment.


As you know, the ETI lessons were designed for the Mac. With the adoption of the iPads for K-6 students, the lessons will need to be modified in order to work. If you would like to look at last years lessons for ideas and adapt them on your own, click the link below: