Elementary End of Year Technology Procedures

Elementary End of Year Technology Procedures

End of the Year iPad Procedures

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As we conclude the 2018-19 school year there are a few housekeeping items that need to be completed on both your student’s iPads and your own. Please complete the student before the end of the year.

End of the year Student iPad Action Steps

Step 1: Maintenance and Reporting

Examine each iPad and report any outstanding software or hardware issues. Items to look for:

      • Volume buttons that don’t work
      • Batteries that don’t hold a charge
      • Screen damage
      • Charging cord doesn’t work or is damaged
      • Damaged ports (i.e., headphone, charging)
      • Bent iPads
      • Lock on iPad Cart not working

If you find items needing repair, please report them to Tyler/Emerson via the Helpdesk ASAP before the end of the year.

If you’ve had students in EY or Music that have taken their iPad’s home, please check with each of them and verify the information on the individualized checkout sheet provided to you.

Step 2: Decide What to Keep and What Not to Keep

Throughout the year, students have been creating learning artifacts on their iPads. If they wish to save files/documents/photos for use next year they will need to back them up. NOTE: All iWork’s files(keynote, pages, numbers) are automatically saved to iCloud. Student’s will have access to this year’s iCloud documents next year. Many apps can be moved to Google Drive. Google files (Docs, Slides, Sheets) are automatically backed up. For complete directions, please visit the following Area 66 post: https://wp.me/p3N8ML-Y3

Step 3: Storage/Keys

Please do the following BEFORE you leave for the summer.

    • On a sticky note taped to the top of your iPad Cart, please indicate any missing iPads or chargers. Include who they were assigned to..
    • Do Not wipe/erase iPads
    • Make sure the iPads are plugged IN.
    • Please make sure the iPad cart is also plugged in and turned on.
    • Make sure the cart is accessible by Emerson and Tyler. Please do not push it into a corner and stack furniture around it. They need to be able to get to it to take the iPads out.
    • Turn your cart keys into your building principal
  • Please have these steps completed by 5/24.

Teacher End of Year Action Steps

Teacher iPad/MacBook

Check for, and run ALL AVAILABLE UPDATES. Go into Settings->General->Software Update.

If you are NOT returning next year

If you are a certified staff member and are not returning to Westside next year please complete the following:

      • Log out of iCloud & turn off “Find my Friends”
      • Leave your iPad cart key’s with your building principal
      • You will need to bring all assigned technology to the ABC building for check in. This includes your laptop, laptop charger, laptop case, iPad, iPad charger and iPad case.
      • Your Westside Google account will be turned off after you leave. Please make sure to have any files you wish to keep downloaded to a personal device or moved into a personal Google account.

If you are a classified staff member and are not returning to Westside next year and have a iPad, please complete the following:

      • Bring your iPad to your building principal
      • Verify with him/her that you have turned OFF ‘Find my iPhone’
      • Verify with him/her that you have signed out of iCloud

End Of The Year Checklist

*Once all items are complete, secure this list to the side of your cart

Teacher Name__________________________________

? iPad/Cart Maintenance issues all reported via Help Desk

? Files Backed Up

? iPads turned on, stored in carts/plugged in

? iPad cart plugged in

? Cart key turned in to Principal

? Checklist Taped to side of Cart