Device Updates 2020

Device Updates 2020

Time to update!

All staff with district assigned Mac’s and/or iPads will need to update their devices in preparation for the 2020-21 school year.

MacBook Air

Please download the above PDF for directions on how to update your Westside-issued MacBook Air.

Note: If you DON’T see Install macOS Catalina, please use the following link to download manually.

Please also NOTE the following programs WILL NOT work in 10.15:
Adobe CS5 (this is the 2010 version), if you have the creative cloud version you are OK

MathType6.7 does not work with 10.15, it does work with google docs. They do not plan on having and update until 2021.

The Following Programs Need to be updated to work:

SMART Notebook version 19.0 and earlier needs to be updated to 19.1

Finale 25 and earlier needs to be updated to 26.2

Logger Pro 3.14 and Earlier, Needs to be 3.16


ALL STAFF with a district-issued iPad will need to complete the following steps by June 30, 2020. After that date, iPads that have not completed the steps below will see apps failing to open, potentially causing data loss. After July 30, any iPad not moved over may be remotely erased.

To move your iPad over, you’ll need to backup, erase, and re-set up. It should be a relatively quick process once you have your information backed up.

BACKUP.  For backup, I recommend making sure you are signed in with your Westside Managed AppleID and have iCloud Drive enabled. Apps like Notability can sync to iCloud (make sure it’s enabled!) which will then allow them to come back down once you reset. You can also back up important documents to Google Drive.

Once you have made sure that any documents/projects are safely stored on iCloud or Google Drive, please complete the following.

  1. First, have you backed up?  See note above.
  2. Go to Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Content And Settings. This will erase your iPad.
  3. When the iPad restarts, follow the prompts as presented. I’ve put together a slideshow that will walk you through what you should see:…=id.p1
  4. After you have completed the setup, that’s it! Instead of JAMF Self-Service, all apps can now be accessed from the Self-Service tab in Mosyle Manager.  This app will look like this:

Run into problems?

If you have questions or run into any difficulties, please reach out to tech support using the help desk system. This is the quickest way to receive help!

Elementary: for Hillside, Westbrook, Loveland, Swanson, Sunset Hills, Underwood Hills for Oakdale, Paddock Road, Prairie Lane, Rockbrook, Westgate