Creating Video in Puppet Pals

Creating Video in Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals How-To

 Puppet Pals is an engaging, easy to use tool for students to create videos on their iPads. With Puppet Pals, students are able to choose characters (or photos) and record their voices to insert their content.

The result is a fun, educational cartoon video that can be exported as a .MOV file. Some ideas for using Puppet Pals include book summaries/talks, reviewing or checking for understanding in science/social studies concepts, explaining math concepts, etc.

How-to Steps: 

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  1. Start the Puppet Pals app, and touch “Press to Start”


  1. Choose the characters you want for your video. The characters you have chosen will show up on the right. When you have chosen all of your characters, click “Next”


  1. Now pick your background image. You can select more than one background if desired. Then click “Next”


  1. Now you are ready to create your video. There is a stage in the middle of the screen – this is where the recording takes You can store extra characters along the outside of the stage, and add them in as needed. You can also change the size of the characters by using two fingers and pulling out or in. If you want to change background images, click the yellow tassels on the upper right. When you are ready to record, press the red button on the top of the screen.


  1. Once you start recording, you have two options: pause or The pause button is if you need to take a break, the stop button is for when you are done recording. Add in characters as desired while recording, and change backgrounds using the tassels!


  1. When your recording is complete, push the save button at the You will be prompted to name your video. This will add your recording to the saved shows (this is one of the options you will see on the opening screen when the app is started).


  1. If you would like to export your video (in order to email them or keep them in your photos), open the recording from the saved Click the export button and save it to photos. If you would like to email the video, this can be done by opening it from photos.