Creating Screencasts-101

Since we as a district were fortunate enough to be able to listen to Will Richardson, many people have contacted me about how to create a flipped classroom. Part of the flipped classroom experience is creating videos — either of concepts or lectures. Having students watch these videos at home will free up class to let you engage in higher level thinking activities.

This playlist, consisting of two videos,  will show you two different methods of recording your screen. The first is basic, using Quicktime Player and the second is more advanced using a commercial program called Camtasia.

(Need to make the video bigger? you can click the icon on the right hand side of the video to go full screen)


Quicktime is more than just a video player! Built into the Quicktime application is the ability to record video, audio and your screen. This segment will walk you through the process of of recording your screen and then exporting the movie to share with students.


If you want an application that give you a bit more power, including adding a video of yourself to the screencasts, built in editing features and the ability to annotate your video, check out Camtasia. Camtasia is available for $99 through the Mac App Store, or for $75 with educational pricing through the developers website.

Camtasia Educational Pricing ($75)

Camtasia on Mac App Store ($99)