Creating Blackboard Test Without Tears

By Bridget Brown

You may be wondering why I chose the tag line from “Handwriting Without Tears?” However, if you have ever tried to create a test in Blackboard you may be able to understand the connection. There are a number of ways to generate a test in Blackboard, but many of these methods can often be very time consuming, and sometimes even unreliable. With that in mind, I would like to share a quick and easy method to create tests in Blackboard, by simply uploading a text file of questions.

1. Create a New Excel file

Enter the following for each test question in separate columns as designated Column A=Question Type (see legend below)

Column B= Question

Column C=Response Type

  1. True/False: enter the correct response

  2. Essay-leave blank

  3. Multiple choice: enter choices in separate columns with either correct or incorrect in the adjacent column of each choice

  4. Ordering/matching: enter in correct order, Blackboard will mix for you

Legend: TF= True/False ESS=Essay MC=MultipleChoice MA=Multiple Answers ORD=Ordering MAT=Matching FIB=FI

  1. Save as a Text (.txt) File

When you select this choice MS Excel will warn you that the features of a text file are different from those of an Excel file. Ignore that warning and save the file.

  1. Now it’s time to go to Blackboard and upload that file. Here are the steps:

  2. Log in to Blackboard

  3. Go to your course

  4. Go to “Course Tools”

  5. Click “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”

  6. Click “Tests”

  7. Click Build Test, enter the test name with description and instructions

  8. The Test Canvas will open

  9. Click “Upload Questions”

  10. Click “Browse” and select the text file of questions

  11. Enter points to assign to each question and Click “Submit”

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