Creating and Sharing Teacher/Student iBooks on the iPad

Creating and Sharing Teacher/Student iBooks on the iPad

By Pam Van Fleet

Have you or your students ever created that perfect iBook, and then wondered, now how do I share it? With school districts and teachers becoming ever more budget conscious, as well as a focus on more personalized learning, ePubs have gained popularity for use in publishing subject specific content. As varied as the tools are for creating an iBook—iBook Author and Creative Book Builder, just to name two—so too are the avenues for sharing published works.

That being said, for purposes of this tutorial, we’ll take a look at an app that, simplistic as it is, has it all. Book Creator is a user-friendly app that allows teachers/students to create books with text, voice recordings, images, music, and video. But the best feature of all is its variety of options for sharing your finished product.

If your objective is to share your project outside the classroom, then Google Drive is the way to go.

Click here to view a PDF walking you through the process.