Copy All Course Content

Copy All Course Content

How to Move All Content Between Courses

When moving content between two different Blackboard Courses, you have multiple options. One way – moving items one folder at a time – gives you the most control over where content is placed. This is the recommended way when you have multiple teachers each moving items into a course.

  1. Go to and log in using the new unified login system using your district email address and password.

2. Find and enter the class you are copying FROM in your list of classes.

3. In the left-hand menu of the class select “Class Copy” from the “Packages and Utilities” area

4. Under “SELECT COPY OPTIONS” is a “Destination Class ID” field. Click the Browse button and select the class you want to copy TO. It will only show you the classes where you are listed as a teacher.

5. Click the “Select All” button for the most reliable way to copy everything necessary.

6. Under the File Attachments area leave it set to “Copy links and copies of the content”.

7. You will notice at the bottom is an “Include Enrollments in the Copy” checkbox. Leave this unchecked. You do not want last years students in this year’s class.

8. Once you hit submit it queues the request and displays a “Success” message.

Classes are copied in chunks depending on the load on the server. It usually takes less than an hour. If you don’t see materials right away don’t submit additional copy requests or you will most likely end up with multiple copies of materials which would then need to be manually deleted one by one. Wait for the “process complete” email, at which point you should be all set.

And a reminder, if you need Blackboard help you can submit a ticket directly to