Copy All Course Content

Copy All Course Content

How to Move All Content Between Courses

When moving content between two different Blackboard Courses, you have multiple options. One way – moving items one folder at a time – gives you the most control over where content is placed. This is the recommended way when you have multiple teachers each moving items into a course.

However, once you have your basic course completed, it can me more efficient to copy the entire course at once each semester.

1. Log into Blackboard and go into the class that you want to copy FROM.

2. On the left side, under ‘Class Management’->’Packages and Utilities’ select, ‘Class Copy’

3. Click the Browse button to find the course you would like the content to be copied INTO. Most likely this would be the new course shell created for the next semester. Be sure to select the Parent Course and not a child section.

Select it and then hit OK.

4. Under Select Class Materials, hit the ‘Select All’ button. This will copy all content, exams, rubrics, folders etc. over into the new class.

5. Leave the settings under ‘File Attachments’ and ‘Enrollments’ as is.

6. Hit ‘Submit’. You will be notified by email when your course copy is complete.