Converting Windows Media Files in PowerPoint

Converting Windows Media Files in PowerPoint

Have you ever needed to use a PowerPoint file that someone else cough, online publishers cough, created and noticed that the video files will not open? See something like the below?

Fear not, there is a work around to play the videos. It’s complicated, but at least you will gain access to the videos. The below is presented ‘as is’ and the steps may change at any time.

1 – First, make a copy of the PowerPoint presentation you are working from. On this new copy, click to rename and change the .pptx extension to .zip.

2- Now, download and install StuffIt Expander. Note, you will need to provide your email address when downloading the application.

3- After you install StuffIt Expander, open it up and select the .zip file you created in Step 1. You may need to select it twice for it to work.

4- Open up the resulting new folder it created. Inside, look for the media folder (see screen shot below). Locate the .wmv files and drag them do your desktop.

5- Next, download and install HandBrake. This utility will allow you to convert the .WMV files into video files that the Mac will be able to understand.

6- Install and open up HandBrake. Select the first media file that you dragged to your desktop. Make sure the settings look like the below and then click ‘Start’.

7- Repeat Step 6 for each of the media files you wish to convert. Once tall the media files have been converted, open up the original PowerPoint file. You can down delete the movies that won’t work and replace them with the new versions you just created!

Note: After you have completed the process once, you don’t need to install StuffIt and Handbrake each time. Simply skip steps 2 and 5 after the first time.