Blackboard Updates - 2019

Blackboard Updates – 2019

The Blackboard system was upgraded this summer. Most things will work exactly as before, but there are a three new changes we’d like to introduce to you!

Change #1: New Login and Start Pages!

When you go to you will now be greeted by the Westside Access login screen. If you are already logged in to Westside Access, you’ll be redirected to Blackboard’s home screen.
This is the new Blackboard home page.

Classes will be organized by Calendar year. If you click on the little star it will add the class to your “favorites”, which will be displayed at the top of the list

Change #2: New Class Display Views

The tabs that used to be along the top are gone. To move back to the class list you will click the “X” at the top left of the screen. All classes will now use the same color scheme.

Also, you will be able to hide and reveal the left menu bar in a class by hovering over the little line to reveal the > you need to click.

Change #3: Direct integration to your District Google Drive.

Go into “Tools” on the start menu and click the Connect account link. A pop-up window will appear that will let you login to Google using your District email address and password. Then another window will appear asking you to Allow the link between Blackboard and Google.

Once your accounts are linked you should see a Browse Cloud Storage button in areas where you can upload content into Blackboard.