Area 66 Declassified #33 Google Forms and Self Grading Quizzes


Have you ever wanted to create a short quiz for students, but not have to spend the time checking every answer? Using Google Forms and Flubaroo you can!

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In this week’s episode:

Part I: Creating a Google Form

Learn all about creating a Google Form from your WCS Google Account. This segment will discuss how to create a form, customize the look and feel and the different question options available.

Part II: Using Flubaroo to grade your quiz.
Flubaroo is a program that works with Google Forms to let you create self-grading quizzes. Learn how to enable and use Flubaroo. It’s fast and easy.

Click here to download the Flubaroo handout that will walk you through the process. Flubaroo Overview – Welcome to Flubaroo


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Part I: Google Forms

Part II: Forms + Flubaroo