5 Mac Tips (Or Treats) for October.

5 Mac Tips (Or Treats) for October.

I present to you five Mac tricks that you might not know about! I guarantee you’ll find one here that you won’t ever want to live without again!

1- Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

It seems like more and more we spend a large amount of time working with email. From communicating with parents, colleagues and students, email has taken over! With all this time spent in Gmail, wouldn’t it be great to save a bit of time? You can!

Gmail has many built in keyboard short cuts. Here are a few of my favorites:

Insert a link into a message: Cmd + K

Go to the next misspelled word: Cmd + ;

Delete a message: #

Forward a message: f

Send a message: Cmd + Enter

Read about many more here.

2- Move a Window Without Focusing On It

Sometimes on the Mac you need to move a window just a little bit to see more information in it, but you don’t want to have the whole window pop into view, covering up what you are working on. With this tip, you can!

Hold down the command key while clicking and dragging the window that’s in the background. This will let you re-arrange it without bringing the whole thing to the forefront! It’s great when you are multitasking and referencing your grade book while typing an email in Gmail.

3- What’s that word again?

I have difficulties sometimes when it comes to spelling. Spell-check is helpful, but you have to get pretty close for it to work. If I know the start of a word I can start to type it, then hit Function+F5. This brings up a list of all the dictionary words that start with what I’ve typed. More often then not, the word I need is there!

4- Batch Re-name

Have a large number of files that you need renamed? MacOS Sierra is here to help! Your Mac has the ability to batch re-name files. You can rename with an index (i.e., Screen Shot 1, Screen Shot 2, etc.), or even do more complex things like find a word in a group of file names and replace it.

Here’s how:

  • Select all of the files you wish to rename. Control+Click and select ‘Rename XX items…’
  • A new window will pop up where you can select the type of rename you would like to do.
  • Fill out the subsequent boxes.
  • Hit ‘Rename’ and that’s it!

5- Safari Picture-in-Picture

Another relatively new feature of macOS is picture-in-picture. Picture-in-picture allows you to ‘pop out’ a video from a web page and let it float in one of the corners of your screen. It’s easy to access on most websites, but YouTube is a bit more difficult.

How to utilize Picture-in-Picture with Youtube

  • In Safari, navigate to the video you wish to view in YouTube
  • Right click (control+click) on the video. The following screen will show up.
  • Right click (control+click) one MORE time on the video. A new pop up will appear and you can select ‘Enter Picture in Picture’. This will take the Youtube video and pop it out of the page.
  • BONUS tip: You can slide the video to each of the four corners of the screen, as well as make it bigger and smaller. You can also slide the video to the edge of the screen and it will dock just off the screen. This lets you continue to listen to the video but it won’t take up any screen space!