Upcoming Technology Trainings


9/22: What's New with Google Classroom1/24: What's new with Google Sites?
9/29: SeeSaw for Digital Portfolios 2/2: Sketchnoting Revisited
10/11: Media Creation for the Flipped Classroom2/9: Mystery Video Chats 4-5:00pm
10/20: Keynote Super Ninja Skilz (Mac)3/2: Periscope: Live Video Streaming
11/10: Using Instagram with Narrative Writing3/14: Creating Digital Portfolios with Adobe Acrobat
11/22: Accessibility and the iPad4/4: Newsela in the classroom to differentiate, write, and explore!
1/19: SCRUM: Project Management from real world into student groups4/20: Go to NETA!

All training’s will be held in the Underwood Hills Training Room from 4pm-5pm unless otherwise indicated. 

Please contact Matt Lee if you are interested in having a training done in your building.

What’s New with Google Classroom?

This session will explore all the new updates within Google Classroom. Some of these updates include additions to scheduling assignments, new collaboration features, as well as improved tools to communicate with parents and keep them in the loop.

SeeSaw for Digital Portfolios

You may already be familiar with SeeSaws awesome ability to develop digital student portfolios, but now SeeSaw has some amazing updates, and new teacher requested features to make this already awesome app even better.

Media Creation for the Flipped Classroom

There are a myriad of tools that can be used to flip a classroom, this session will explore a few resources that are common in media creation, and can be helpful in shifting to a more evolved student-centered classroom.

Keynote Super Ninja Skilz

Have you ever wanted to make keynotes like the pros? Need to jazz up your lessons? Then this session is for you! Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. We will be hacking keynote to create animations, alter images to create new effects, use motion graphics and more! A basic understanding of Keynote is assumed and a Mac is required.

Using Instagram with Narrative Writing

Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories. Come and learn how to use this powerful social media tool to produce narrative writing in your classroom. 

Accessibility and the iPad

Accessibility options are what allow the iPad to be used by those who can’t see or can’t hear or can’t touch.Accessibility is what makes iOS a tool for empowerment, and  friendlier to those with asperger’s or autism. Come explore features like Guided Access, AssistiveTouch, and more.

SCRUM: Project Management from the Real World into your Student Groups

In the workforce, scrum is a project management technique used by many in high tech industries. It is also an incredible way for teachers to facilitate group projects. Learn how to implement SCRUM techniques in your class to better facilitate technology (or not!) projects.

The New Google Sites!

Google Sites has some impressive updates, providing users with a new and improved experience for building websites. This update to Sites is highly interactive, with support for dragging and dropping elements around each site. If you’re ready to give your site a major refresh this is one session you won’t want to miss.

Sketchnoting Revisited

Sketchnoting is an alternative way of taking notes that relies on images to capture the essence of the presentation or lecture. Come learn about the forms of sketchnoting and methods you can implement into your classrooms.

Mystery Video Chats

One of the most transformative effects the Internet can have on classrooms is opening them up to the world. Video chats can break down a classroom’s walls and open students up to the world. Come see how using tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts can facilitate learning beyond the walls.

Periscope: Live Video Streaming

Periscope is a live video streaming app that allows users to broadcast to public or private audiences. Come and discover the many  innovative ways to use this tool during instruction to expand students communication skills, and to allow for meaningful connection and exchange of ideas with a diverse audience. 

Creating Digital Portfolios with Adobe Acrobat (7-12)

Digital portfolios are a great way to assess achievement and demonstrate student learning. This session will cover everything you need to know to guide students in developing their own digital portfolios utilizing Adobe Acrobat.

Using Newsela in the Classroom to Differentiate, Write, and Explore!

Want to give your students access to newsworthy informational articles in a range of reading levels? Then come and discover Newsela, a free source of newspaper articles on topics of interest for those in 7th grade and up. Each Newsela article also has a “Write” icon which provides students with a writing prompt and a virtual binder. 

To register for a training, please contact Deanna Laux via Westside Gmail


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