Tools for Deeper Learning

Tools for Deeper Learning

“Any sufficiently novel use of technology is easily mistaken for real learning” -Roger Wagner, Hyper Studio

Do we look at student work and say, “Wow that looks awesome!” or do we truly look at creation as evidence of student learning? With that in mind, several great resources were shared that can really promote deep learning. Here are my five of my favorite, FREE tools that you can incorporate into curriculum.

Educreations Logo

1) educreations: We have all check out Kahn Academy, right? Well this iPad app allows teachers and students to create their own Kahn style videos that can be shared with others. Teachers can create review material for students and students can demonstrate their understanding by creating presentations for their peers.

2) Have you ever wished you had clickers in your classroom? Do your students have Internet connected devices? If yes, then you have clickers. Mentimeter allows teachers to create poll questions and then display graphs of their responses in real time. Great to visualize answers to “hinge” questions, create a choose-your-own-adventure activity in history and conduct classroom polls.

3) Are you sick of paying for a textbook that you might only use parts of? Looking to create your own? provides FREE content that lets you assemble your own text that can be read online, printed or even read on a Kindle or iPad. The site is focused on math and science, but it has started to add history and other subjects. Some subjects even have interactive content to help explain topics.

Remind101 logo4) Question: Do your students have a cell phone? Answer: As the Magic 8-Ball would say “Outlook Good”. Remind101’s mission is to provide “a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free.” Use it to create lists to send out exam and project reminders, give mass reminders to parents about upcoming deadlines and more. The site lets you communicate with a code you create on the web and then share with parents/students. They then subscribe to your class code. You do not see their phone numbers and they do not see yours!

5) What are info graphics? Think of those catchy pictures that explain where each dollar of your taxes go or the difference between dads in the 1950s and today. Wouldn’t it be great if kids could show data visually just like CNN? provides students with templates to let them explain data in a fun, creative way or start from scratch and use the websites image library to build their own.