Speed Up Grading When using Google Classroom

Speed Up Grading When using Google Classroom

By Ben Powers

Have you ever been grading an assignment in Google Classroom and been frustrated with how slow things are? Every time you click on a new student’s work it loads SLOOOOWLY and opens up the document in a separate window. Then you have to close that doc and update their grade in Google Classroom which takes time with every click of a new browser window. This can be extremely annoying when you wanted the assignment to be a quick check for understanding and it takes too long to look at each student’s work.

There’s a better way!!

I wanted to share a method for recording grades that can speed up your workflow and relieve the aggravation of slow browser windows.

The first step is in the preparation of the assignment. If I am assigning something where the students need to submit screen shots or attach their own work I make a blank google document template as a copy for each student when I create the assignment. The purpose of this is that it will automatically label the document of their work by their name so sorting later becomes quite easy. If you have students just attach files to an assignment without doing this then the files will all be randomly labeled whatever the student chooses to label it as.

When the students have submitted their work and you’re ready to grade, instead of clicking each student’s work individually in google classroom, open the assignment folder instead. This will pull up every students work in google drive so you can view them quicker.

At this point you will want to have Google Classroom and this Google Drive folder open side by side on your laptop. You can do that by using screen split extensions to chrome (my favorite is Scissors), or by just re-sizing the windows side by side until you can see both screens.

You will want to sort your students in Google Classroom by first name so they are in the same order as your files in the drive. Then simply preview the first student’s work in google drive by selecting it and hitting the letter “P”. This pulls up a preview of their work, and you can then arrow over to the next piece without loading any separate browser windows!!! Jumping from one file to the next to quickly assess will save time and you can just fill in the grade (if you use that feature) in Google Classroom all at once and release those scores back to the students.

Please note that this method shouldn’t be used when the goal is to provide lots of feedback within a student’s work as just previewing the document doesn’t allow you to make edits and notes as if you opened the actual doc. But it is excellent on those assignments where they were supposed to capture evidence of something, or answer a few questions, or to give yourself a quick idea about which students would need a follow up if their work looked less than satisfactory. Every second counts for a teacher and I hope this little trick can save you some precious time the next time you grade using Google Classroom!