Printer Deployment and Setup Instructions

Printer Deployment and Setup Instructions

Eakes Printer Implementation Schedule

September 14th-25th Software Implementation (Papercut- eGoldfax)
September 28 ABC Building, Early EDC, Service Center
September 29 Westbrook, Hillside , Swanson, Loveland
September 30 Sunset Hills, Westgate, Paddock Rd, Oakdale
October 1 Rockbrook, Prairie Lane, Career Center, Alumni
October 2 Middle School, finish up misc.
October 5 High School
October 6 High School if needed

How to Print To The New Printers

(You can also download these instructions for printing by clicking here: Printer Setup Instructions.)

  1. Go to the Apple in the Upper Left hand corner of your screen and select the System Preferences.Picture1

  2. Next select the Print & Scan option.Picture2

  3. Press the Plus (+) option in the Print & Scan Window.Picture3

  4. Look for the name of the device that you want to add followed by the @ “Name of Print Server” Do Not Add a Printer or Copier unless it has the @ “Name of Print Server” after the printer or copier.  Then simply select the printer and press the Add Button at the bottom of the screen.Picture4

  5. Repeat the steps above to add all the remaining printers that you would print to.