On Matt's Dock - January 2015 Edition

On Matt’s Dock – January 2015 Edition

What’s on Matt’s MacBook Air Dock right now?

What does my laptop desktop look like? Let me take a quick second to show you how I work! The first thing you’ll notice is that I tend to keep my desktop free of icons. I use the desktop mostly as temporary storage while I’m working on a project. Once I’m finish, I quickly file the documents away into folders.

Now let’s take a look at my dock!


I tend to organize my dock by both the type of app and how often I use it. On the left most side are the apps that I use multiple times every day. Wunderlist is an incredible, free, to-do list application. It lets me create multiple lists, set due dates and even assign tasks to others that I’m collaborating with.

Next comes my ‘stay on task’ apps – email, calendar and note taking. I use Airmail 2.0 and Apple’s built in email app to manage my multiple email accounts and Apple’s Calendar app for scheduling.

I was a long time holdout on using Evernote. I didn’t see the need for it until this year. I’m finding I now have more and more information that I need to keep track of and Evernote does a great job. I especially like how it syncs with my iPad and iPhone giving me access to my information where ever I’m at.

For twitter, I really like TweetBot by Tapbots. It is pricy($19.99), but I find it the easiest way to view multiple lists, mentions and searches.

To surf the web, I rely on three different browsers. Safari, Firefox Developers Edition and Chrome are each used depending on what site/service I’m using. I use Safari for general surfing and anything with Apple. Chrome is the browser of choice for Google. I enjoy it’s ability to create separate users for each of my five different Google accounts. Firefox is used mostly for Blackboard updates and web development.

Pocket is another free app that is awesome! It’s a read it later service that allows me save sites I find on Twitter, Zite, Flipboard or the web. It syncs with my iPad and iPhone too. You can learn more about setting it up here.

iTunes. Don’t really like it but it works. I’m finding myself listening to streaming services more and more though. I’ve tried Spotify and iHeartRadio but have settled on Beats Music. The ‘Play This Sentence’ feature is really cool!

Some of the more specialized apps that I use include Coda for programming and Camtasia combined with Mousepose for creating screen-casts. I really like the features that are built into Camtasia. For more info on Camtasia, check out the into video we’ve created.

Apple’s iWork suite (Pages, Keynote, Numbers), TextWrangler and Microsoft Office get used quite often. Keynote is hands down the best app for creating presentations. Nothing else even comes close. I’ve tried to get away from Office and go all in with Apple, but I personally find that Numbers isn’t quite up to Excel for many tasks and there is just something comforting and familiar about Word that I can’t leave (weird I know).

Omni Outliner is a terrific app for creating outlines. I generally use it to type out an outline of each of my trainings and web tutorials. It sync with the iPad app and I use that to mark off topics as I go. Photoshop is used to create the graphics for Area66. It’s probably overkill for what I use it for, but we have it so why not use it!

Apple’s Messages has become an invaluable communications tool that I use to communicate with other members of the tech team.

Lastly, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Apple Remote Desktop, Terminal and Filemaker Pro are used to administer the servers that the Tech department runs.

Do you have any must-have applications? Let me know and I can put together a ‘Best Of’ post featuring you!