Kidblog in the Kindergarten Classroom

Kidblog in the Kindergarten Classroom

Prior to using Kidblog, you will need to set up an account on Kidblog. The following Youtube video will show you how to do this in about 5 minutes!

Quick-steps for starting a blog in your classroom:

  • Setup an account on
  • Setup student logins
  • Set a purpose for your blog
  • Demonstrate how to log in and post on the blog
  • Determine the method for posting (typing, pictures, video)
  • Model how to create a high quality post that readers want to read or listen to
  • Determine a time in the day that students can post
  • Post away! And encourage parents and students to comment on each other’s posts to create a dialogue

How I introduce Kidblog to my kindergartners:

In the beginning of the year, I show students how to enter their name and password to log in. I use airplay, so the whole class can see. (I make all student passwords the same 3 letter word because it saves time and there is no concern with them logging into each other’s account. Once they have logged in on their personal iPad, they do not need to log in again unless they log out.)

I then choose one student to sit with me while the rest watch on the Smartboard. I ask the child what he/she wants to post and then I do the typing for him/her and then place quotes around the typing, so parents know that I did the typing, but the student had the idea. We use this method throughout the first semester because kindergarten typing skills are not proficient yet. This also gives us time to discuss what a quality post looks like and we can model it.

Once they are proficient with me typing for them, the next process is to gather ideas about what to blog about, I ask the children to think about what they learned today that they want to share with their parents. They then turn and talk about their ideas. To help us narrow down what we want to post, I ask 3 children to share their ideas and then we vote as a class which idea we want to post about. We look for something more detailed than, “I went to PE.”

Towards the middle of the year, I give students more freedom and let them start typing their own posts. I encourage half the class to post and have the other half act as assistants to those posting if they have any questions. As they are ready, I allow them to all post, as well as encourage them to post throughout the day instead of just at the end of the day. If they tell me they want to share something, or take a picture of something, I tell them that they should share that on the blog.

This year, to speed up posting and to encourage deeper thinking, we are trying to post videos of ourselves discussing what we learned during the day. The downside is that it takes up a lot of space on the blog. However, the students were really excited about this and a parent instantly posted a comment on his daughter’s post!

I share the blog link with parents and tell them to log in with their child’s username and password, but if they post a comment, they need to sign either “Mom”, “Dad”, or “(child’s name)’s Mom”.

If you like to view what we have posted so far, please visit You can log in with the guest user. The password is guest.

Kidblog is promising a huge revamp to make blogging even easier. Their website says that is is coming soon!
Dustin Carlson

Rockbrook Elementary