iPad Spring Cleaning

iPad Spring Cleaning

Are you seeing this on your iPad?




or this?




If so, it might be time for a little iPad spring cleaning! Over the course of a semester, apps get downloaded, photos and videos get taken and movies created. With only 16GB of space to start from, all that adds up to some very full iPads!

Fortunately, it’s easy to free up space.

Find What’s Taking up Space

The first step to freeing up space on your iPad is to find out what is taking up the most space. Click the Settings icon on your home screen and then go to ‘General’. You will see a section titled ‘storage’. Here you can see how much space you have used and how much is available. Ideally, you want to keep 2-3Gb free to allow for app downloads and video creation.

Now click on the button that says ‘Manage Storage’. This will present a list of all of your applications and how much space they are taking up.

A Quick Note:

The steps below will walk you though how to delete things to free up space. You shouldn’t delete apps that you have data in and you haven’t backed up. Although you can re-download apps, if you data wasn’t backed up to Google Drive or iCloud it will be gone for good. Most times this isn’t an issue – for example deleting apps that you don’t use or deleting games that you no longer play. Other apps like the iWork and Google apps save your file to the cloud by default. Be cautious though when deleting iMovies, photos or videos. Think twice about if you need them or not. If you have questions on how to back up documents/photos/videos, Bridget, Emerson, Laura or I are happy to help.

 Deleting Unwanted Apps

Look though the list. Are there any applications that you no longer use or perhaps never used? If so, click on the name and then click the red ‘Delete App’ button. Some apps like GarageBand are great, but if you don’t use it often it might be worth deleting to free up space for other apps. Don’t worry, you will always have access to re-download apps by going to the app store. They will show up in your purchased history and you can click the cloud icon to download them. Other apps that take up space but you might not use often:

  • Any games you have downloaded
  • WWF Together
  • Drill apps that are no longer applicable later in the year
  • Apps downloaded from Self Service that aren’t applicable (i.e., coding apps, Raz-Kids, BrainPop)

Clearing Out Photos and Videos

After you have deleted unwanted apps, the next place to look to free up space is your camera roll, which contains all of your photos and videos. Videos can be large and deleting those you no longer needed can free up a significant amount of storage.

Open up the Photos app and scroll through the list. You can identify videos by a small, white camera icon in the lower left corner and the length of the video in the bottom right. To delete, tap the select button on the top of the screen and then click on the videos / photos that are to be deleted. After you have made your selection, tap on the trashcan icon and then delete.

Deleting Explain Everything, iMovie Projects

The last area to look to free up space is inside of iMovie and Explain Everything.

iMovie: When you open up iMovie you are presented with a grid of all of the projects you have created. If you see some projects that you no longer need and do not wish to save, deleting them can free up a substantial amount of space. To delete, tap on the project. This will bring up the detail screen and you can then tap the trashcan to delete.

Explain Everything: When you create documents in Explain Everything, backups are created automatically. If you have finished with your project and no longer need it, deleting these backups (as well as the project itself) is a great way to free up space.

If you would like to keep your projects but need to space, you can export your video to Google Drive and then delete the project. Click here to see how: https://vimeo.com/63669939

To delete the a backup or project, hold your finger on the project until a red and white ‘X’ appears on the project’s top right corner. Tap on the ‘X’ to delete.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like help backing up documents to Google Drive feel free to get ahold of the technology department. We’re happy to help!