Directions for DRC-Insight 2015-16 on iPad

Directions for DRC-Insight 2015-16 on iPad

Please note, the directions for using the iPad’s with DRC INSIGHT / NeSA Testing have change. Please read through the below. You may also download the following document by clicking here:

2015-16 DRC Insight Directions.



NOTE: DRC-Insight will NOT work on Staff iPads. Please use a student iPad if you need to demonstrate anything



DRC INSIGHT Directions for iPad: 2015-16

Part 1: Preparing Student Devices for Testing

1) In preparation for testing, a new set of restrictions have been placed on student devices per DRC/NDE’s requirements. Beginning on January 04, 2016, spell checking and the predictive type keyboard have been disabled via our management system.


2) DRC INSIGHT has been sent out to all student iPads. Students should see an icon like the one above on their home screen. Please visually inspect that the app is titled, “DRC INSIGHT” and NOT “NE-Insight”. NE-Insight is last year’s app and will not work with this year’s exam.

If students don’t have the DRC INSIGHT app on their device, it can be  downloaded from Self Service.

3) The first time you open the DRC INSIGHT app, it will prompt you to trust the app. Click on ‘Trust’.


You must hit ‘Trust’ in order to open the app.

Part 2: Using the iPad on Test Day

  1. This year there have been a few changes to the DRC INSIGHT app that will help to streamline the testing process. You will no longer have to use Casper Focus to lock students into the test app. The app is now able to lock itself.
  2. When starting to test, have students click on the DRC INSIGHT app. If the app closes back out, click on it one more time and it will open.
  3. Student are able to click the home button and exit the app until they have logged into an exam. Once they begin the exam, they cannot exit the DRC INSIGHT app until the they exit/finish the exam.
  4. Once the exam is finished, students can click the home button and return to using their iPad as normal.Having Troubles?

To ensure a smooth testing day, it is recommended that you complete the following:

  • Make sure all iPads are plugged in and charging the night before
  • Check with students to verify the DRC INSIGHT app is installed on their iPad before test day.
  • Before launching the test, have students check their internet connection by opening a page up in Safari

General Trouble Shooting

1) Check that the student’s iPad is open, unlocked and connected to the Internet.

2) Visually check to see that the DRC INSIGHT app is downloaded on their iPad. If it is not, go into self service and download it.

3) If steps 1 and 2 fail, try re-starting the iPad by holding down the home button and the sleep button until the iPad re-starts and then repeat steps 1 and 2.

4) If all else fails, delete the DRC INSIGHT app and re-download from Self-Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I get an error that says “Configuration File Not Found”

A: This is most likely caused by an error during the app download process. Delete the DRC INSIGHT app and re-download from Self-Service.

Q: When I click on the DRC INSIGHT app it sends me back to the home screen.

A: This is a known issue that occurs sometimes on first launch. If you tap the DRC INSIGHT app again, it should launch normally.

Q: When starting the test, students get an error that says they are not in guided access mode.

A: Make sure the iPad is connected to the internet, re-start the iPad and then try again. This is caused if they have not received the most up to date settings from our management software.