Creating a PDF Portfolio

Adobe Acrobat PDF Portfolio’s can be used to quickly distribute and organize multiple files. A portfolio is a collection of PDF’s, web clips, folders and other files that are ‘wrapped’ up in a PDF wrapper.

Classroom Uses:

  • Unit Packets: These portfolio’s can be used as packets to distribute to students at the beginning of each unit. Inside, you can put all required digital readings, interactive worksheets, web links to research and reference sites and more.
  • Student Hall of Fame: You can create a PDF portfolio of the ‘best of” student work. Did you do a really great classroom activity? Select the 5-10 best examples, package them up and then send 1 file to the class so all students have great examples. Alternatively, select the best work of each student and create a customized hall of fame to send home to parents.
  • Teacher Organization: Have all of your files that relate to one unit packaged into a portfolio. This makes it easy to share with team members or to give to a guest teacher.

How to Create a Portfolio

Below are directions that you can download or watch online that will walk you through the process of creating a PDF portfolio.


 Creating a PDF Portfolio

Customizing a PDF Portfolio