Area 66 Declassified #29: Creating and Customizing PDF Portfolios

This weeks episode of Area 66 Declassified is a return to our multipart series on Adobe Acrobat. In previous episodes, we covered the differences between Preview, Reader and Pro, and how to use the basic tools in Acrobat Pro. Our Acrobat series is featured here.

This week, you will learn what a PDF portfolio is, how to create one and in part two, how to customize it to your liking. For more information, check out the tutorial here

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In this week’s episode:

Part I: Creating a PDF Portfolio

PDF Portfolio’s are PDF documents that can contain multiple files. Folders, PDF’s, Word files and more can be saved ‘inside’ the PDF for easy distribution to parents and students.

Part II: Customizing PDF Portfolios.

Now that your portfolio created, let’s learn how to customize the portfolio. You can change the layout, colors and settings in a portfolio to make it fit your style.


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Creating a PDF Portfolio

Customizing a PDF Portfolio