Area 66 Declassified #27: All About Acrobat

This weeks episode of Area 66 Declassified is all about Adobe Acrobat. It is the first in a multi-part series designed to introduce you to Acrobat, walk through the tools available to you, and then get into more advanced features such as creating and distributing forms. (Need to make the video bigger? you can click the icon on the right hand side of the video to go full screen)

In this week’s episode:

Part I: Acrobat Pro vs. Preview vs. Adobe Reader and how to change  your default PDF settings

Learn the differences between the three PDF viewing applications installed on your machine and why you will want to use Acrobat Pro. Then, learn how to solve a common source of annoyance — PDF’s not opening up in the application of your choice. Watch the video to learn how to change your default PDF viewing application.

Part II: A walk around Acrobat Pro.

Learn how to highlight PDF’s, make comments and use proof reading tools to mark up PDF documents. This is great if you want to give feedback to students and peers, and if you need to read closely for understanding (i.e., marking up digital journal articles for a graduate class).


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PDF Applications and Changing the Default

A Walk Around Acrobat Pro